Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management plays a crucial role in the growth of any organization. It incurs

highest percentage of monetary expenses and hence requires utmost control in this

field. The absence of a robust inventory management system can lead to tremendous

losses and downfall of an organization. The Inventory Management Software provided

by Zedex facilitates tracking of stocks, goods, and its management and accelerates the

trade of the organization. The software is an efficient application that makes the

planning simple and precise and is much more beneficial as compared to recurrent man

power. Using this software, the organization can flourish in sales and trade by reducing

its operational costs. It enables you to determine the trade trends and make plans in

order to sustain and fulfill the needs of the clients; thus leading to the overall growth of

the organization. The software provides a distinct graph of the on-hand inventory versus

the cycle stock and safety stock data. This software is a proven method to monitor stocks

in the enterprises, giving a clear picture of the products, its future demand predictions,

and filling the need versus supply gap. Apart from tracking the sales and available

inventory, the software facilitates real-time communication with clients, as well as

allows receiving and incorporating other data such as seasonal demands, sudden surge

in market trends etc. Some basic features of this software include, cost effectiveness and

management, order fulfillment with cross-location visibility capabilities, inventory

scrutiny and control, and real-time control over the execution of all the phases. Keeping

ourselves updated with the latest market trends, this software has been set up

amalgamating several technologies into one cohesive and precise application. One of our

satisfied customers utilizing our software with desired outcome is Universe Holding

(Karol Bagh).

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