Billing Management Software

The Billing Management System service provided by ZEDEX is the best software that promises to cater to all your billing and revenue requirements. The billing and subscription management arena forms an integral foundation for any growing business, and hence cannot be neglected. Our software shall enable you to manage the different facets of the billing processes for your organization. Integration of our software facilitates management of multiple teams and businesses corresponding to your organization. The multi tier system of this software allows segregation and deletion of micro-tasks for a quicker and accurate billing solution. The software helps your finance concerns get out of your way, so you can concentrate on the expansion of your organization. It simplifies your billing, revenue generation, invoice and subscription cycle. Based on a definite interval the software shall auto-bill clients and charge subscriptions in regular iterations. The software allows you to track the requisite time, expense and the mileage. This feature allows you to monitor the billing at your own disposal. Using this software invoices can be sent to the clients on a timely basis. Based on the configurations set, the function will be auto-executed. View real time detailed reports for all the monetary correspondence carried out. The software has a well-managed payment gateway that provides a variety of payment and shipment options. The calculations related to the relevant taxes and local regulations are well taken care of. The software facilitates the end user to integrate the process workflow. From the quotation phase to the order to the billing, the user can manage and integrate the entire process with transaction creation and routing capabilities in one single step. In addition to all the features that have been described, the software promises robust security and privacy of the clients and the correspondences.

The various enterprises that are satisfactorily using our billing management software on a large scale are as enlisted below:

  • Indian Cable Industries (Greater Noida)
  • IA Bhai Enterprise Pvt Ltd (Greater Noida)
  • Shree Balaji Polymers (Meerut Road)

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